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About Laboratory Safety Services

Laboratory Safety Services Inc. is an established field service company which offers testing, inspection, and repair services for all types of H.E.P.A. filtered equipment.

The only way we do business is openly and forthrightly. When you do business with us there are no hidden costs or expenses. Our field staff is compensated by salary only, no commissions are paid on parts sold or volume of units tested. You can be assured that your equipment is being properly tested and that repair recommendations are being made on a technical basis only. We will provide you with the highest levels of technical competence and service. That we promise you unconditionally.

We test equipment to: N.S.F.STD. #49, ISO 14644, IES-RP-CC-001-86, IES-RP-CC-002-86, IES-RP-CC-006-84-T, or your own special requirements.

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